A Tool for Creation of Tibetan Pecha
software for making Tibetan Pecha

PechaMaker is a program to help you easily create pecha style documents.

It integrates the following three functions:
     - A simple editor that allows you to enter text with the keyboard or import it from RTF files.
     - Automatic formatting of your text into pecha pages or regular pages.
     - A layout tool that allows you to specify how your pecha pages will appear and print.

RTF import/export and Copy/Paste are supported to move text to or from a word processor.
Your text can be any mix of Tibetan and non-Tibetan fonts.
  • As text is entered or imported, PechaMaker will format it into pages.
    With Pecha Mode enabled, the pecha boxes are drawn and the text is formatted to fill them.
    You can disable Pecha Mode to get page formatting like a regular word processor.
  • Interactive controls allow you to adjust the pecha layout and see pages instantly reformatted.
  • Save the layout in a template file and reuse it for consistent formatting across different texts.
  • Support is provided for some automatic additions to pecha pages:
         - Adjustable page numbering
         - Folio numbers written in Tibetan text in a choice of fonts
         - Side margin annotations
         - Yi-go insertion on the front of each folio
         - A dzog thik(end line) drawn on the last page
         - Leading shad characters are converted to Rinchen pung shad

  • Entering text in one of the font sets from Tibetan Computer Company (TCC)
    gives you automatic keyboard mapping with the TCC1 keymap.
    (You can disable this feature to use external keyboard software, like Tavultesoft Keyman.)

  • Entering text in one of the Sambhota font sets from Nitartha International
    gives you automatic keyboard mapping for Sambhota1, Sambhota2, or Sambhota3 keymaps.
    (You can disable this feature to use external keyboard software, like Tavultesoft Keyman.)

  • PechaMaker can print your pecha to a printer or PDF file generator.
    Printing support includes one or more pecha pages per sheet of paper, single or double sided.
    You can enable reversed backside printing so double sided pecha will align correctly when stacked.

  • New for 2.0Image support has been added as of Version 2.0

  • See the User's Guide included in the distribution.

  • PechaMaker runs on Microsoft Windows® 98/2000/XP/Vista/Win7  (no Mac version, sorry).

  • PechaMaker is free to download and to use.   Click to view the license file in PDF format.

More information on the FAQ page

For help or questions contact : support @

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PechaMaker does not support Unicode fonts; however ...
Updated June 10, 2012